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The knowledge base is for engineers and product designers who want to learn how to design circular products

All content in the user base is curated. Our team is constantly checking latest developments in the areas of design, material sciences, startup ecosystems and government regulations. As a member, you are always up to date.

We have expert product designers in our team who constantly design new circular product ideas. All those ideas are updated in the knowledge base and described in the monthly email journal.

Recycling is good. But it is even better to design products that are used longer and that can be converted into other products. This knowledge base focuses on how to design long living, smart and circular products.

A product that is designed using modular principles can be converted into other products. Or at least, parts of the product can be used for other purposes. Modularity is one of the key principles of circular design.

Reusability Matters !

Design your own legacy – embed it into your product designs.

What Members Say

4.8/5 (5273 Ratings)
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Nancy Smith, Senior Product Designer in California, USA

I have been a members for almost one year and always look forward to the monthly journal. It inspires my daily work. I use the material guide a lot to find perfect materials for my designs.

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Michael Schmidt, CTO of a startup in the sustainability space, Berlin, Germany

Kalukan is the easiest way to know everything about good product design. I love the product ideas, some of them are part of my startup now.

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Lin Shu, Venture Architect in Singapore

I am creating businesses from scratch. Kalukan gives me fresh ideas for sustainable businesses. Dealing with new businesses every day I can see a strong trend to circularity. It is essential.

Circular Design is a Philosophy that every Engineer should learn

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