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Designing Circular Products is Key to Responsible Consumption and Production

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Circular Engineer in 4 Hours - Design Your Legacy

Learn why Reusability Matters and how to design a circular product in this 4 hour video series

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20 Design Principles

Easy to use design principles that immediately improve your designs.

Circular Material Guide

Detailed description of more than 300 materials. Check where the materials are coming from. Learn everything about recycle- ability and durability.

More than 50 Specific Design Suggestions

Get specific product ideas and design suggestions for more than 50 products.

Sourcing Contacts

Get access to suppliers of good materials.

NEW! Engineering Contacts

Get access to engineering companies specialized in circular product designs.

NEW! Ask the Experts

Submit up to 5 questions per month and get expert feedback from our team of circular engineers. Get material suggestions, design ideas, feedback to your designs and much more! All protected with our Non- Disclose- Agreement.

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Circular Design

Is a philosophy that every engineer should incorporate in their designs

Reuseability Matters

The best circular products are designed in a way in which they can be converted into other products, instead of being recycled.

Customer Awareness

Want to attract people to your products? Awareness for circularity increases among customers. Most successful Engineers keep that in mind.

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Kalukan is the largest knowledge base for circular design in the world

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